Top Things Men Lie about in Online Dating Top Things Men Lie about in Online Dating Top Things Men Lie about in Online Dating

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It has become common that when you see a commercial on TV, it’s likely that it portrays a happy couple or family. Being single since certain age is nowadays looked upon by other people as something confusing or even suspicious. It seems that Americans are obsessed with family and its image. That’s why a lot of single people are constantly in search for their one and only and often turn to online dating.

Internet has given us a most convenient way of looking for your Mr. or Ms. Right because it’s easy, requires little time and you’ve got who to choose from. That’s why online dating has come for the long haul and it’s hard to believe that it can be replaced by anything in nearest future.

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 The top-3 things
But, as you probably know, it also has some drawbacks. We’ll cover some of them. Statistically the number of men dating online is higher than women. That’s why often men try to conceal some information in their profile or lie about something, just because it gives them a better chance among other male candidates. Well, not only men lie in their profiles – women do this too, but today we’ll focus on what exactly do men usually lie about.

The top-3 things are:
  • a) Height
  • b) Age
  • c) Income
    These lies will go unnoticed until the first date. Probably, he hopes that you’ll find some good traits of character in him or be attracted so much that this little secret will not make you too angry.

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    Height. A lot of men are too anxious about their height. Especially those who are shorter that six feet. Statistically, men increase their height by two inches in general.

    Age. The average age of a male online dater is 35-45. They usually don’t look for women of the same age, but their real target is younger females. That’s why they can push back their age by 5-10 years.

    Income. That’s one of the hardest things to find out until you start a more serious relationship with that person. Men usually increase their income because it makes them feel more confident, more respectful and…get more responses.

    Don’t forget that it’s all part of the game. Bear this in mind and you’re sure to feel more confident while dating online.

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     How to survive a rejection
    Can a mouse and a click actually bring you closer to true love? The answer is yes. However, it is a rough world and it is important- for the sake of keeping your dignity in tack- that you do not get too terribly personal. You are right, dating is personal, but even in the digital world of online dating rejection remains and it definitely can feel as though you had just been let down by the man you had been chasing after for the last decade when rejection occurs.

    If you have tested the waters and contacted that first “potential love” just to find that you are one of many to hit his mailbox and definitely won’t be recognized for being the “cream of the crop” or perhaps your email was simply “dull” or worse yet; you received a response that would have melted your heart had it not been a copy of a romantic piece floating around the net. Regardless, you need to remember it is not about you.

    When it comes to online dating there are rules that you should live by. While this may not be personal, it is your chance to find what you are looking for- love. If you are on the scene and not gaining any response, there are a few simple remedies to help you gain the attention you desire.

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     Why not take it personally?
    First, tweak your profile and have a friend take many, many photos and place the best on the dating site. This will definitely help to clear up that dry spell and put luck on your side. Even with your luck changing it is important to remember that rejection may still occur- mostly because those we are attracted to are not always attracted to us. Simply because we feel something boiling within us does not mean that the feelings are reciprocated. This is the time to not take it personally.

    Why not take it personally? Because there is no saying why the feelings aren’t being reciprocated. Maybe she is a devoted Catholic and you are not even a church-goer. Perhaps she met her prince charming last week, or hates cigarette smoke. Maybe she feels as though you are “just too good looking or intelligent”. While we are all ready to jump to conclusions and decide it is our looks, this is not often the case…most of the time it is a different scenario or you are just not the profile she was looking for.

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